Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Blog: Checking In

Hello, American Literature scholars! For your first blog, please tell me a little bit about yourself. Here's what I would like to know:

1. What are you scared of?
2. What's one thing about you that's kind of quirky?
3. What do you like to do when you're not at school?
4. What are your thoughts about your future--any possible careers in your future?
5. Where is your favorite place in the world?


  1. 1. Failure
    2. I am a perfectionist
    3. I like running and lifting weights
    4. I want to go to college on an athletic and possibly academic scholarship and then become a doctor
    5. My favorite place in the world is the W hotel in Hong Kong, China

  2. 1. Clowns!
    2. I'm always sick
    3. I like being with friends and doing sports.
    4. I would like to be a pediatric nurse.
    5. My best friends house.

  3. 1. I am not really scared of anything, except after my last dirt bike accident i have gained the fear of rolling in gravel at 50mph.
    2. I am very good with technology and can fix almost anything electronic or technological.
    3. I love to snowboard and play the guitar.
    4. I would like to be an engineer (mechanical, electrical, or computer hardware)
    5. Rome, Italy

  4. 1. I honestly am not really scared of anything. I find that every time I get scared of anything and worry about it, it gets me nowhere because in the end, nothing happens.
    2. Once I get started on something, I can't stop.
    3. Dance, model, work hang out with friends and family.
    4. I'm going to build a care facility.
    5. California! London!

  5. 1. ummm.... big snakes and spiders.
    2. I love to sing and dance in my room. :)
    3. I love art and am always doodling.
    4. I've always been interested in becoming a teacher or becoming a firefighter.
    5. California.

  6. 1. Failing to do my best in everything I do.
    2. I really enjoy going to church/youth group.
    3. I like working out and hanging with friends.
    4. I think I want to become a youth pastor.
    5. Where ever my family and friends are.

  7. 1. being atacked by a huge shark
    2. i will drive the long way home just to listen to my music longer
    3. golf,sleep, ski
    4. developer, dentist maybee
    5. san salvador the bahamas

  8. 1. Heights
    2. I am really really organized
    3. Hang out with friends and sleep
    4. I want to become a nurse
    5. I love going anywhere with a beach

  9. 1. Lightning and spiders
    2. I'm a perfectionist even about little things
    3. Choir, hang with friends, go out, etc.
    4. I want to go into the wonderful world of marketing : )
    5. Greece

  10. 1.spiders and messing up
    2.I love to do sudoku and I'm organized
    3.Dance, hang out with friends and watch movies
    4.Either be a Dietician or something to do with math
    5.Where ever it is rainy and cloudy

  11. 1. Spiders.
    2.I never give up on something and I am kind of a perfectionist.
    3.Hanging out with friends and drawing.
    4. To go to college and then become an Event Planner.

  12. 1. Outer space. Honestly I've been terrified of the moon since I saw it when I was 2 and the whole concept just scares me.
    2. I park on the left hand side and I'll walk further to the door just to be able to park on the left.
    3.Spend time with friends and nap
    4.At this point I want to have a career in either science or business.
    5.My favorite place in the world is Times Square in New York City.

  13. 1. Working hard and not achieving my goals
    2. I'm usually pretty optimistic
    3. Run and hang out with friends.
    4. I'd really like to be a surgeon, I dont know what kind though.
    5. San Diego, California

  14. 1. I'm afraid to be completely alone.
    2. I get paraniod easily.
    3. I run cross country and hang with my friends and family
    4. I want to be a vet
    5.Firenze. Italy

  15. 1. I'm afraid of heights
    2. I talk to myself sometimes
    3. Play football and hang out with friends
    4. I don't know
    5. Madrid, Spain

  16. 1. I am terrified of deep water...not like 10 feet, but 100s of feet. Drowning is definitely not on my bucket list.
    2. I have OCD and it makes a lot of things kind of interesting.
    3. I spend my weekends working and I love sleeping.
    4. I'm very interested in corporate accounting as well as business law.
    5. It is a very close tie between Cancun, Disney World, and my bed. Yes...sleep.

  17. 1. I am scared of heights
    2. I am really organized in whatever i do
    3. When i am not at school i like to hang out with friends or watch tv or play video games
    4. I hope to go to college and get a good job right out of college.
    5. My favorite place in the world is my house

  18. 1. I am scared of not being successful.
    2. I like to know where everything is and when I lose something I wont do anything till I find the lost item.
    3. When I am not at school I like to relax or go play basketball.
    4. I want to deal with something in medicine.
    5. My favorite place in the world is a nice beach somewhere

  19. 1. I am scared of defeat
    2. I am a perfectionist in a lot of things that I do
    3. When I am not at school I like to play sports, be outside, and hang out with friends and/or family
    4. I want to be successful in the future. I really dont have any careers decisions that I have made yet but it will be something I enjoy
    5. My favorite places in the world are my home, ohio at my grandparents, Iowa at my grandparents or somewhere with a beach with my whole family.

  20. 1. I am really scared of spiders
    2. I try really hard to be organized but in the end I am not organized at all and it bothers me.
    3. Hang with friends or play volleyball
    4.I really want to be a nurse or a physical trainer and minor in psychology or history.
    5. Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

  21. 1.not succeeding
    2.I am really organized
    3.I like to play soccer
    4.I don't know what I want to do after college
    5.My favorite place in the world is Koln, Germany

  22. 1. I am scared of suffocating.
    2. I hate shoes and go barefoot year round.
    3. I like to read, write and be with friends.
    4. Im thinking about going into publishing.
    5. Woodland Park